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Modern Skytech Institute "First Step To Bright Future"

Aims And Objectives


  • Modern Skytech Institute is a Residential Academy which has been established to provide modern and progressive educational facilities at a reasonable cost to the children of the Army personnel.
  • The Institute is conceived and maintained as a happy and harmonious blending of the best in, public school’s traditions.
  • To provide broad based and relevant education, spiritual, social or vocational, which should culminate in the attainment of the full natural growth of the individual, leading to a balanced,harmonious,useful and natural life.
  • To rear conscientious and responsible citizens with a healthy spirit of creativity, adventure and exploration.


  • To guide children to develop physically, intellectually and mould them into good citizens so that they can contribute towards the development of our nations.
  • To assemble a firm establishment of learning and information basically required to empower their preferred understudies to seek after vocation with greatness.
  • To create self-assurance through an awareness of other’s expectations and administration in different social statuses. To create complete character of the understudies and urge them to look past the beaten tracks.
  • To form the present small kids into develop, capable and balanced residents of things to come.